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Data Base & ETL Testing


This course is for those who want a detailed understanding of Data Base & ETL Testing. It will give you an overview of Data Base & ETL Testing. It presents concepts like functions, triggers, views, SQL queries  etc. required by a system administrator to work with the all database server and Development server.

Advantages of Database Testing:

  • Avoid data duplication
  • Control data security
  • Reduces cost of data entry, storage, and retrieval
  • Data can changed easily
  • Facilitate development of new applications program
  • Ensures Data integrity and accuracy
  • Database testing involved during different types of testing methods, such as black box testing and white box testing

Black Box Testing in Database Testing:

Black box testing involves testing interfaces and the integration of the database, which includes:

  • Mapping of data
  • Verifying incoming data and outgoing data from query functions
  • UI and DB integration is now available; we can insert/delete/update data from the front end in a way that the
  • trigger gets invoked. That select statements can be used to retrieve the DB data to see if the trigger was
  • successful in performing the intended operation.
  • Various techniques can be used to perform database testing
  • Cause Effect Graphing Technique
  • Equivalence Partitioning
  • Boundary-value analysis

White Box Testing in Database Testing:

White box testing mainly deals with the internal structure of the database. The specification details are hidden from the user:

  • It involves the testing of database triggers and logical views which are going to support database refactoring.
  • It performs module testing of database functions, triggers, views, SQL queries etc.
  • It validates database tables, data models, database schema etc.
  • It selects default table values to check on database consistency and Referential integrity
  • The techniques used in white box testing are condition coverage, decision coverage, statement coverage, cyclomatic complexity

Database Testing Process:

  • Prepare Test Cases/Automation Script
  • Execute Test Cases /Test Set
  • Execute SQL Queries
  • Perform SQL Injection
  • Check Test Result
  • Validate according to the expected results
  • Report the findings to the respective stakeholders


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