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Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of this agreement:
Once proceed with the registration, the user agrees to the terms and conditions, agreements, obligation, warranties and representations included within this agreement. If the user doesn’t accept the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement, he or she won’t be able to proceed further with the registration and any kind of content related to the course information, institute or their services published on Testing World "Group Of Industry Experts" won’t be permitted to view or utilize. The information or content is owned, published, maintained and tracked by Testing World "Group Of Industry Experts" and its representatives.
Username, Password, Email and Other InformationThis agreement states that once the user is registered with a particular course at our Treaning Center, a unique username will be developed which is only for the user’s exclusive use. Any kind of sharing of account information to a different user will strictly prohibited, which can cause immediate suspension or temporary block of account, restricting the user to access the website content or information in any way.

Content and Course Information:
After user registration at any of our training program through the website, we will provide the user with complete access to our specifically designed and job-oriented course content, projects and assignments and other relevant data which is present on the website in the form of text, audio, video, graphic, recorded or machine-readable format. The user will only be able to access the information of the particular force they have registered for.
We also have the right to change, update or revise the course content provided to you. and anytime such revision or update occurs in the training program, it is possible that the participant may require paying an extra fee.

Website and Service:
Once the user has paid for the particular training course at our website, we shall offer the user with the personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable account in order to access the relevant information and service from our course content or website until the course in question is completed. All the information and content provided to you through our website will only be liable for your personal use until the course is completed.
We will also provide you online access to our website and services along with course content which you can easily save or download at your personal computer.
It is strictly prohibited that you transform, translate, sublicense or distribute the course content or other information through any kind of communication for your personal or commercial use other than the restricted purpose without taking our written consent.

Intellectual Property Rights:
The user may be granted a non exclusive and restricted right to use the services of the website along with the course content for a restricted purpose as per this agreement however it is relevant for you to know that we are the true owner of the content and services offered at the website and any kind of misuse, distribution of transmission of the information for the purpose of earning profit from your side could lead to legal proceedings.
Once the user acknowledge and agree to the agreement of using the website and it’s content only for your personal use which is for the restricted purpose, it is also important to acknowledge that it does not provide the user with any manner the right, title, proprietary or interest in the services and the content of the website.

Usage of Personal Information:
Once registered with our institute for any of the particular course, please hold the right to use your picture, videos or other promotional material for our promotional purposes. We may also utilize your personal information in order to execute you about our new certification programs. However be completely safeguard your personal information and would not share or distribute it to any third party organisation. We shall not, in any case, disclose your personal information for the purpose of earning a profit as it will be considered unlawful activity.

Limitation of Liability:
The agreement also acknowledges the fact that your usage of our website, its services and course content is totally at your own risk. We shall not be held responsible if the information, services and content presented at the website are wrong or interrupted. As per the terms and conditions, there isn’t any warranty that the certification acquired through the website, its services or its content is precise and accurate. Therefore, any person associated with our institute will not be held responsible for distributing or sharing the services, information and its content at the website in case of any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential harm occurred through the use of the services or the information.

As per the disclaimer of liability, any kind of damage or injury occurred due to error in performance, computer virus oversight disruption, deletion, imperfection, transmission, interrupted communication, unauthorized access, theft or destruction, alteration in information or usage of records or other computer material, along with violation of contract, disregard or any other action, Testing World "Group Of Industry Experts" will not be held responsible.
Therefore, you are exclusively acknowledged that we will not be held liable for any kind of wrong full or illegal activity, offence and other kinds of unlawful conduct by a third party or use of their website, content or information as the risk involved in the process rest entirely on the two parties concerned.The agreement also acknowledges that the liability of the institute or our affiliates such as employees, director, agents, offices and licences, occurred due to any legal claim, mentioned in the contract, or otherwise, through our services all the information at the website will not surpass the course fee you have paid for the specific certification course.

Terms and Termination:
We also hold the right to conclude this agreement and completely deny your access to our website or its course content with immediate effect after sending a legal notice at your email with title “immediate termination date”, if any kind of misconduct, violation of the contract or misrepresentation (event of default) is performed under the segment from your side. As per the event of default agreement, we shall be permitted as per the agreement or applicable law to file the petition for any kind of loss occurred to us due to the event of default.

In any case of damage, loss, expenses including the fees of attorney or liability caused to you due to unauthorized access at our website, course content and services from your particular account or breach of the contract, you will not hold us or our contractors, tractors come offices, licences, employees and agents responsible for the loss.

Failure or delay to apply the right, privilege, power or solution from any party will act as a waiver or the exercise of any other right, power, privilege or solution. The terms and condition shall be believed waived and no violation permitted to, unless the consent or waiver is written and signed by the claiming party. No waiver of any permission or right to any violation of contract shell comprises a waiver if any write a permission to any other breach.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
For participants who are living in India, this agreement shall be constructed and governed by the laws implemented by the Indian government and Indian courts will have the restricted jurisdiction over the matters related to or arising out through this agreement.This agreement shall be constructed and governed by the Indian law and courts in delhi for any restricted jurisdiction over the matters related to our arising out through this agreement.


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