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Appium is an open source tool for mobile application. It is a bridge or we can say in simple terms it is a mediator between PC and mobile.

It supports three types of mobile application i.e. native, web application and hybrid.

Native Applications are developed for use on a particular device or platform. It is installed directly on a mobile device and developers create a separate app version for each mobile device.

Mobile web application are called mobile website and can be accessed through browser by hitting the URL.

Hybrid application combines elements of both native and web applications. Like mobile native apps, you can find and download mobile hybrid apps using the Google Play Store or the Apple’s App Store. Similar to mobile web app, a mobile hybrid app would look alike to a mobile website that can be accessed by hitting an URL in the web browser.

For example Web apps, such as online banking services or locally stored native apps, such as Microsoft Excel.

To install an Appium we need .net framework

What are the desired capabilities?

Desired Capabilities are a set of keys and values sent to the Appium server to tell the server what kind of automation session we are interested in starting up.

                   KEYS                           DESCRIPTION

  • BrowserName            Name of mobile web browser
  • Appium-version         Version of Appium
  • Platform Version       Mobile OS version
  • DeviceName              Kind of mobile devices to use
  • PlatformName          Kind of mobile OS platform to use

Automation Test

Attach Android device with your system and type adb device command on cmd prompt to verify that the device is attached or not
Launch Appium tool on your machine
Once the Appium is launched run the script written on the Eclipse

Use case we are going to automate:

  • To check the title of the web page
  • Enter all the details in the Contact Us form except message detail
  • Click on the Submit button
  • To verify the error message.


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