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Session-5: Selenium IDE installation

Install Selenium IDE

Any browser other than Firefox

Step1: Open IE

Step2: Go to URL  http://docs.seleniumhq.org/download/

Step 3: Click on Download

Step 4: Click on Save

Here we will find that “selenium-ide-x.x.x.xpi” file will save in your system.

Step 5: Go to Location, where Downloaded file is saved.

Step 6: Right Click on that saved file, Select Open With à Select Firefox

Step 7: You will get following screen now

Step 8 : Click on Install Now

Step 9: Selenium IDE is installed, click on “Restart Firefox”

Step 10: Go to Tools

        Here we will find that selenium IDE is installed .


Uninstalling Selenium IDE

Step 1: Open Firefox Mozilla.

Step 2: Go to Tools à AddOns

Step 3: Select Selenium IDE addon, click on Uninstall

Step 4: After Un-installation, Restart Firefox