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BDD with Cucumber (Selenium Test Case)

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Course Description

Cucumber is one of the most popular BDD tool.

On testers point of view, we can use this tool to implement BDD approach with Selenium, Calabash, Watir etc.

If you’re new to BDD and want to get basic to expert level understanding of BDD then this course is a great place to get started.

In this course, we prepare students for all BDD automation challenges, it gives coverage of almost all basic and advance concepts of Cucumber with Gherkin Scripting.

Here you will cover Gherkin keywords like Given, When, Then, Feature to advance level data driven and hooks.

After completing this course, you will be very much comfortable to start automation and face automation interviews. You will get our instructor support for any queries.

It’s a continuous grooming course which will give you in depth knowledge of theory as well as practical concepts.

Who is the target audience?

  • Freshers looking opportunity in Automation
  • Manual testers want to jump into BDD automation


  • What is TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • What is BDD (Behavior Driven Development)
  • Difference between TDD and BDD
  • BDD Tool: Cucumber Basics
  • Gherkin: Feature Keyword
  • Gherkin: Scenario Keyword (Test Cases)
  • Gherkin: Given Step
  • Gherkin: When & Then Step
  • Gherkin: Background Step
  • Gherkin: Step Argument
  • Gherkin: Scenario Outline
  • Gherkin: Comments & Tags
  • What is Step Definition
  • Step Definition File
  • Data Passed from Step Definition
  • What is Hooks
  • Before Hooks
  • After Hook
  • Cucumber: Run Tagged Scenario
  • Tagged Hook
  • Multiple Tagged Hook: Logical OR
  • Multiple Tagged Hook: Logical AND
  • Setup Ruby Interpreter
  • Cucumber – Gem Installation
  • Setup Eclipse and Ruby Plugin
  • Ruby Basic Programming
  • Ruby Condition Handling
  • Ruby Class and Object
  • Ruby Methods in detail
  • Ruby Constructor
  • While Loop
  • Ruby for Loop
  • Ruby Array
  • Ruby for Each
  • Ruby Hashes
  • What is Gem and Its Installation
  • ANSICon Setup
  • Install Natural plugin
  • Create Ruby Cucumber Project
  • End to End Scenario – Part 1
  • End to End Scenario – Part 2
  • End to End Scenario – Part 3

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Duration 3 Hours
Level Beginner
Instution Testing World
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