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Big Data Testing

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  1. What is Big Data?
  2. What kind of data big data supports?
  3. What is Hadoop?
  4. Why do we need Hadoop?
  5. Hadoop Installation
  6. Difference between traditional RDBMS and Hadoop?
  7. What is the difference between hadoop 1.x and 2.x?
  8. What are the main components of Hadoop application?
  9. What is JPS command and what works in Hadoop?
  10. What is HDFS?
  11. List the various Hadoop daemons and their roles in a Hadoop cluster.
  12. Describe the functioning of Name nodes in details
  13. Describe the functioning of Data nodes in details
  14. Various HDFS Commands.
  15. What is Apache Hadoop YARN?
  16. What are main components of Yarn
  17. Lifecycle of a YARN Application
  18. What are Mapper, Reducer and Combiner?
  19. Map-Reduce life cycle.
  20. HDFS Blocks and input split
  1. What is Hive
  2. Comparison of Hive with RDBMS
  3. Hive Components
  4. Hive Data Types
  5. Different types of Hive Tables
  6. Installation
  7. Hive Query Language
  8. Hive Indexes and Views
  9. Hive Collections
  10. Working with Partitions.
  11. User Defined Functions
  12. Hive Bucketed Tables
  13. Hands on Exercises with Hive Use Cases
  14. Common Built-in Functions
  15. Compare two tables in Hive
  1. What is HBase?
  2. What is No-SQL database?
  3. What is CAP theorem and where HBase stands?
  4. What is the difference between HBase and Hive?
  5. HBase components?
  6. HBase installation.
  7. Column Family in HBase?
  8. How to create HBase tables?
  9. How to insert data into HBase tables.
  10. Different commands in HBase?
  11. HBase filters.
  1. Cassandra Overview
  2. Cassandra Architecture
  3. How Cassandra is different from RDBMS
  4. Why we should use Cassandra?
  5. Difference between different No-SQL DBs
  6. Cassandra Data Types
  7. Cassandra queries using CQL
  8. Cassandra Collections
  9. Cassandra implementation using JAVA
  10. Cassandra Replication Factor

What is PG

  1. PIG installation
  2. Basic PIG Queries

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Start On June 30, 2017
Duration 2 Month
Level Beginner
Instution Testing World

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